The Rebirth

Silence shimmers through the ripples of our thoughts, revealing the things we said in the night in whispers that sat on the winds of Dusk.  The wishes we made on the bow in the rain came like a flash of the morn in the starless night. We found hope of a rebirth and comfort in the things we hid in our eyes, beneath the tears; the mangled stories of never holding. We fall prey to the tale of having and losing. In the thoughts of rebirth of the life we cherish and hold only as fantasy, there is no place for such bed in this world. So, we run, we bend and then break like trees standing up to the feisty Autumn wind. The chaff that is our remains is sprayed across the unimagined corners of the earth and we are alive again! We live, we love a little more, we breathe and we keep the search for our world. We challenge the universe to a fight. Only this time, I stand and fight alone. This is the afterlife and I wait for your return. the-rebirth


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