Letter to my songbird pt 3

Today, as I walked back to town through the woods, I heard the birds chirp of a tale! The tale of an unseen beauty. My ears popped and my heart glowed with eagerness and confidence . They spoke of one whose feet were so tender on the earth that they left no prints- except her lively presence- on the sands. I heard the sunbird call out out to the wood pecker as it flew from the oak to the mahogany “she’s the fairest of them all”. She said to him “her breath exudes life and freshness on these trees, can’t you see how they sway in glee when she walks through them?” Only a soul as true to nature and love hers would scatter seeds of love upon the grounds for us even in her misery. He sang with so much certainty and aptness that I knew you were the subject of his song! The birds have also fallen in love with your heart.
Just then, the beam of smile on my face seem to disappear; I heard in a hushed voice as the sunbird whispered into her companion’s ear “she sits under this shade everyday and weeps. She sings of a love so close yet impossible and the trees cry alongside”. I heard them chirp about a beauty clad in clouds of fear and how she’s being hunted by an army of enemies seeking to bring her to their prince – the man who stands between our love- for a bride. My legs grow weak, I am unable to carry on my journey home. I will make my abode under the mahogany tree. Perhaps, you will come to sing your tears to the trees again tonight.
Your love is alive! Even nature sings of it.
I love you.


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