Letter to my songbird pt2 

I tried not to think about you all day,Once I do it feels like an IV line of caffeine running through my veins. Still, I know that every dash of sleep I loose thinking about you, you have saved up 10-folds in your arms. I left for home earlier than usual Today, I felt you might be in some danger. When I arrived I saw a piece of your gown torn from your struggle to break free from whatever and whoever tried to hold you captive.
It is the closest I’ve come to seeing and holding you, but I’m going to embalm every fibre of this piece and pray that one day, it will awaken your love and you will come right here; under this tree where it hangs in search of my heart. Am I not worthy to behold such beauty that visits the earth once in a lifetime?

These folks will never understand our kind of love.
But as I lay here in the comfort of this wool and feather, I hear you call out again and I get a wetness dripping on my heart; only your tongue can kiss it dry. I feel the flood of tears racing down my cheeks and your hands alone can build a dam out of it. I hear we can source the power to stir this ship IF we are true to our hearts! Here’s mine; a river of tears and a spill of untainted love! Cup them in your hands and let them run down your bosom. I saw you again last night, but your voice sounds subdued and your words laboured

My songbird, I hope the world has been fair to our love.


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