Letter to my songbird Pt1

Lost loveTo the one whose name I know not as I speak, the one
whose elusive identity hunts me ,
my mysterious songbird, the unknown lady of hearts that resides in the cave beneath my heart! When will you reveal yourself? When will your face and beauty flurry across the earth and  we become one; as the sun and moon? When will this painting on my heart come alive? The day that never begins is creeping upon us and the summer might not bid us come but I’ll wait here, in patience and love till you find your way to the door of my heart.

I want a love so soft it melts the heart and drips from the mouth,

To lay In arms so warm and tender they soothe my pains.

I long to kiss those lips that tell no lies and spend a thousand years in those eyes that never grow old!
I need you! I love you ❤️


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