Letter to a lost love

My heart is a broken mirror, every piece holds a perfect reflection of you!

It is a canvas, every stroke and every splash of colour blends into a perfect image of you.

My thoughts are empty and bland, but your memories fills them up with fragrance

Then I start to sink in this ocean of emotions under the weight of your love.

I wish to set my heart free from yours as I speak these words,

But it feels like cutting myself open.

I hope that someday you will find these words and return here,

To this  tree where we first made  memories.

Again, I hope that you don’t shed my love from your heart as this tree sheds its leaves,

I wish that winter and autumn be banished  from her eternally,

I wish to curse her with the soothing sunshine of Summer  and the lifelines of spring.

Don’t steer me away from the door of your world,

Give wings to my thoughts, till they collide with the world hidden beneath your heart!

Let them find succour in the chimes of your heart and the rhythm of your life.

You reside in my head and make my heart your leg rest,

I’m caught in your webs, and there’s no getting out.

Valentines will come and go, but this – the song in this heart will remain!

Love me now, love me always.


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